Month: November 2016

What happens when we let go ~ when we truly let it all just go ~ the flow of Greatness taking away everything we ever thought we needed to hold on to? (more…)

You didn’t want me to find out. Even though I knew it. You wanted me to hide, even though I wasn’t hiding. I was only invisible to you, even though you saw me all the time. Staring straight at me, staring right through me. Nothing without me. (more…)



There is a fly, small, bothering me. Wherever I move, it comes. I cover myself. It comes underneath. I feel it crawl on me. I open the covers. It doesn’t readily release. It waits for me to fluff, to make a fuss, before it leaves ~ only to crawl on me again. There is only┬áthe tiniest parts of me exposed, some┬áskins that could feel its tingle, and still it finds those. (more…)

Someone turned the lights out. Again. I am in the dark. I feel something. Much. All the things I care not to feel because I know better. I truly know better. (more…)

Slowly, I go. Slowly, I come. Surrender. Takes time. When time is present. Easy, when timeless.
I am the timelessness locked in time trying to unwind the captive of my mind. The caption it plays, the comicry, the mimicry, the illusion of me.
I am not the prisoner but the guard. My own guardian. Where do I begin when I never end? I play The Fool and The Lost One, neither are the most fun. But yet I find, within them, they are The Tormentor that mentors me Home.