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Discovering your inner voice singing

He spoke to me of something rare. Something beautiful. Like a fragile bird that no one has seen, but in a dream it exists. Deep inside where fragility hides. (more…)

I write a creative work. Its dissemination to the population is fractioned into the pieces of the parts of the people that ‘see’. The aspect of ‘this and that’ that they relate to, or can’t relate, is relative to the place of opening they have into the awareness of their soul. (more…)

In the circle, there is a centre. A dot. In the centre, there is a dot. It is the eclipse between dark and light, night and day. Night being more prevalent to most. (more…)

I didn’t know what to produce, how to bring my work forward, or how to do it well. It all seemed contrary and I made the decisions the best way I could. I didn’t know the judgement call to make from a place of judgement and so I didn’t make it from there. I made it from the air. (more…)

Let my thoughts be of bigger things. Mystery and dragon wings. Sights unseen in the air and here on Earth, let me go anywhere. Expand. Expound. Expose my know. Let me go. I let it go.

You didn’t want me to find out. Even though I knew it. You wanted me to hide, even though I wasn’t hiding. I was only invisible to you, even though you saw me all the time. Staring straight at me, staring right through me. Nothing without me. (more…)