Category: Water

The wave of life vibrates

I realized when he said it, he needed it. This, after all the times that he said he wanted it to end. I ended it time and time again, inside my head, and in my heart where it left long ago. Still, we spoke of it. (more…)

Do you need somebody? Any one? A single person? Perhaps, a married one? I don’t want one. Some days I just want to be alone. There is a person who I see who isn’t at all like me. I don’t care for them to agree, but I long for intelligent conversation, without the mask of game-playing. I’m just saying. Isn’t it hard to get a straight answer at times? The really straight line. (more…)

It rained. Loud and long. Where you couldn’t help recognize it was happening. Raining.

It wanted to be known. And so it was, in forceful ways. Its ways. Cats and dogs came tumbling around. Squirrels were nowhere to be found. Spiders hung tight to watered webs that gleamed awaiting night. In hidden places. Flowers were drenched, dragging their heads after the biggest pour. But still it brought more. It wasn’t bright out. But it was noticeable. (more…)

Nothing stands before me. Potential. Without obstacle. The possibility of experience.

I am fluid. Unsurpassed, meant to last. (more…)

Someone turned the lights out. Again. I am in the dark. I feel something. Much. All the things I care not to feel because I know better. I truly know better. (more…)