This Daily Life

Within the confines of my mind I wake up to the same day. Very litle has changed. A bit is rearranged. There is no waking in light speed in this dream I’ve captured myself within. This daily life.

I am to expound the brink of time to find I am the one of greater kind. Only playing the meagre man, in costume and with clout. I put myself about to tell me I am this and that, but in those matters of facts, I’ve become trapped. Time has rolled by making me forgotten. The sense of who I was, of what I am, long lost in this hazy tossed sky, without an opening, if I do not heed my inner eye. To my surprise, I often surmise it is okay. All of it. This is good and this is deceiving. I must work to know the truth, to restore it with all its knowledge and glory to my being, in order to take it as a casual acquaintance, like that of an endearing, everlasting friend. But when I brush it aside, or put it alongside the news of this false dream, I scheme the end of me that is the one of reverie, the one who understood this once, before this daily life.

Together, I go, me and my ego. Together we climb. Together we fall. We mock truth by playing camaraderie, within the dead of it all. Like a soldier, we tell ourselves, we march on. The sun has risen. The sky is fallen. We’ve all forgotten. The way to heaven. It fills us with a peace to know we are not alone ~ in the company of others pretending to not be wandering. And yet, there is a constant reminder, a pinch in the dream, a beam. I don’t follow the common ground, but still I go around in the circle. It is its crossroads I must pay attention to. Will there be sense for me to make sense at each juncture? Make my choice be wise, and rise above the common nonsense of today. The fools of yesterday. I long to be. Set me free.

A little happens, a little at a time. Slowly, if I go forward. Nearly non-existent if I linger. Tender, I am, in the fire of this frying pan, as cause and consequence take me to nonsense over and over and over again. Shining in my face, this daily grace of repeated learning.

Be what it may, I’ve come to stay. To endure. I am here to know my way. From the good and bad, I learn the enjoyment of progression. The forward motion of beautiful surmises that shape themselves into truth, when I apply their depth into my experience. Take Me To Your Master!, I cry inside. And it does. It doesn’t waver. Only, deep within the cave of me, I must reside in order to see the constancy of worlds, that awaken the daydream, into the eternal sky ~ that forms this daily life.

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