| Poetic scribe | I write the verse that makes the dream defuse.

Writing has been my life companion. Quietly and privately. I fell in love with handwriting ~ those curvy, dreamy abc's. Poetry appears to me as my view of the world. The messages of life locked within layers of symbolism, striving to be freed. To express their mystery. My life is a tragic love story. Life and death and death and death. Till I find I don't know where I began, but I know I will never end. Immortality names me. Infinity becomes me. I have been searching for Romeo all my life. Who is that one that loves like no other? The one that only Love knows? The only one that knows true love? Through hell to heaven, I found my partner, though he will say he found me. He's the strong silent type. He was waiting for me to open my eyes and meet his true blue ones. I came from the prairie. He came from the water, like all new life. We were found in the mountains. We climbed them together, to get to the sea. You'll find us living the quiet life on Vancouver Island, Canada.

Juliet & Matisse bw up close copy
Jaye Gray Peru train bw up close


| Artistic Maker | The gray jaye flies freely.

Creation is how I navigate through the world. The longing to make is deep and constant . I awake in the night with visions of places and spaces. I reconcile life and hereafter, and all contrasts in between. It is my reason for being. I search, I muse, and aim to resolve. I have always been a bird, flying freely, then the bird met Mr. Gray and became the Gray Jaye. 

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Our spirited literary work is meant to be read between the lines