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A SELECTION OF MUSINGS from the J.C. Love Letter Desk

I realized when he said it, he needed it. This, after all the times that he said he wanted it to end. I ended it time and time again, inside my head, and in my heart where it left long ago. Still, we spoke of it. (more…)

Drawing by Jaye Gray

I used to say, my son died. Now, I say, he passed away. I used to say, I have two children, then one, then two. Now, three. I used to say, this is fun. There was joy. Then, no more. The times that came, went. I went away when my joy left, that little boy, who became a man. Then, spirit. I thought I knew what love was. Is. I did. Then, I was confused. I lost it in the mire of hell, the Maya that covered the veil of love that I knew when I was knowing you.

You used to hide in clothing racks, I’d say, I’ll spank you, how you scared me that you’d be stolen by a stranger. I couldn’t spank you. Though I pretended to. Then, you grew, and hid from me, in a place I couldn’t see. It was stranger than the stranger. I could not forget it. Or you. (more…)

There is an abundance of people wanting desperately to be accepted. Putting themselves ‘out there’ to be heard, recognized, blurbed. Billions of them. Most are part of the mainstream, or the new stream that they think isn’t mainstream, but is the same thing. If you’ve gotten attached now to a positive jive, something you think is hip, perhaps a ‘yoga’ bit, or a piece of enchanted soul-talk-romantic, I’d beg you to question what it is you are now ‘into’. (more…)

A bell rings and I hear it pouring inside my head

The rain comes and I hear the music pound instead

I am the captor and the captive of my emotions

The nature of the one who brings rain without tears. (more…)

He spoke to me of something rare. Something beautiful. Like a fragile bird that no one has seen, but in a dream it exists. Deep inside where fragility hides. (more…)

Do you need somebody? Any one? A single person? Perhaps, a married one? I don’t want one. Some days I just want to be alone. There is a person who I see who isn’t at all like me. I don’t care for them to agree, but I long for intelligent conversation, without the mask of game-playing. I’m just saying. Isn’t it hard to get a straight answer at times? The really straight line. (more…)

Step 1

Circle yourself with luminesce light focusing the concentration & culmination of energy on the ailment and entire body at the same time ~ not detaching the ‘part’ from the ‘whole’. (more…)

I write a creative work. Its dissemination to the population is fractioned into the pieces of the parts of the people that ‘see’. The aspect of ‘this and that’ that they relate to, or can’t relate, is relative to the place of opening they have into the awareness of their soul. (more…)

I came to this table as a hungry peasant. It was the first place I chose to be. There was a middle road that I followed after I began until I ended the scene that took me through this life of mine. The living was easy. In my senses, the sun came up and then went down. Each time I saw it I knew I had made it through and thought that’s all I needed to do. (more…)

Within the confines of my mind I wake up to the same day. Very litle has changed. A bit is rearranged. There is no waking in light speed in this dream I’ve captured myself within. This daily life. (more…)