Category: Earth

I meet the world deep with my feet

A bell rings and I hear it pouring inside my head

The rain comes and I hear the music pound instead

I am the captor and the captive of my emotions

The nature of the one who brings rain without tears. (more…)

Within the confines of my mind I wake up to the same day. Very litle has changed. A bit is rearranged. There is no waking in light speed in this dream I’ve captured myself within. This daily life. (more…)

Sometimes you scare me. I walk in that black door and you are there no more. Just yesterday’s news, trying to try me on for size in its uncomfortable clown shoes. I don’t fit in. (more…)

Chicago.  Walked the streets and loved its beat, the high-class and the beaten-down. Those who built and damned, those who came and went. One name kept calling mine. I saw it many times. So, one night, I sat to ask, beyond the stars, the message cast:

“Who is Alphonse Capone?” (more…)

Come little one. Come. Into the valley of endless returns. Into the home of the free. (more…)

How will I know if you come to visit me? How will I recognize your reverie? How can I see that which I do not know I do not see? Come to me. Anyways. Come to me. Anyhow. (more…)

I sit on this highway and wonder about my way. The way. Which way. I feel I know the road to go. Forward. Come to the sun, the lost one from long ago. The one I used to know. (more…)



There is a fly, small, bothering me. Wherever I move, it comes. I cover myself. It comes underneath. I feel it crawl on me. I open the covers. It doesn’t readily release. It waits for me to fluff, to make a fuss, before it leaves ~ only to crawl on me again. There is only the tiniest parts of me exposed, some skins that could feel its tingle, and still it finds those. (more…)