Category: Fire

Enduring the burn of transformation

A bell rings and I hear it pouring inside my head

The rain comes and I hear the music pound instead

I am the captor and the captive of my emotions

The nature of the one who brings rain without tears. (more…)

Step 1

Circle yourself with luminesce light focusing the concentration & culmination of energy on the ailment and entire body at the same time ~ not detaching the ‘part’ from the ‘whole’. (more…)

Today is the day of Revolution. The kind of uprising that gets a nose so out of joint, it can’t help but notice. It started with a Bang! The clock struck 12, like a battalion bell, ringing against a dark night sky, when everyone was already shot down. The silence was eerie when it came. The uprising of the dead. (more…)

I couldn’t converse with you. We exchanged words. Mine hit your wall, then bounced back at me, without the bounce. More like a brick that went nowhere, suspended in mid air. There was nothing supple¬†or¬†subtle about it. We both ignored it, (more…)

I didn’t know what you meant when you talked to me. I didn’t get what you cared about ~ did you care about what you talked about? Or were you just saying words to stop the pause between us from seeming so big, so long, so awkwardly outdrawn? (more…)

What is the inner struggle between good and evil, that manifests itself outward into God and Devil? (more…)

What happens when we let go ~ when we truly let it all just go ~ the flow of Greatness taking away everything we ever thought we needed to hold on to? (more…)

Slowly, I go. Slowly, I come. Surrender. Takes time. When time is present. Easy, when timeless.
I am the timelessness locked in time trying to unwind the captive of my mind. The caption it plays, the comicry, the mimicry, the illusion of me.
I am not the prisoner but the guard. My own guardian. Where do I begin when I never end? I play The Fool and The Lost One, neither are the most fun. But yet I find, within them, they are The Tormentor that mentors me Home.