A Hungry Peasant

I came to this table as a hungry peasant. It was the first place I chose to be. There was a middle road that I followed after I began until I ended the scene that took me through this life of mine. The living was easy. In my senses, the sun came up and then went down. Each time I saw it I knew I had made it through and thought that’s all I needed to do.

It is good to be healthy in life. But a fixation is worth fixing. A great guru once said that one should eat good food and then forget about the body. There are many more important things to focus on than food. The world is hungry. Yet, all we need is provided for us. We do not need to compete with each other to ensure we can feed ourselves. Life is not a game with winners and losers. It is a struggle. For everyone. The struggle is in the constant decision between what is good and what is not. Discernment.

We reap what we sow. It’s not a mere cliche, but a truth of our actions, cause and consequence. Karma. Reincarnation. Continuum. We have begun, and that is all. Then came the fall. And we are all to find our way back to the place where we came from. This is the purpose of life for all of us. Everyone. There is no other purpose that takes priority over this one. Everything else is an experience which assists you or repels you from that single primary goal of your existence. It slows you down to put anything else first. There is only one first. Meet your maker. This is the last thing you will ever need to do. The finish line.

From the cave that rumbles, we are made. We are perfect. There is no doubt. We are free~ to choose, to will, to be. When we fall into denser frequency in our consciousness, we forget that we are a spirited being of consciousness, a beautiful soul. We become body conscious. Materialism takes hold. Yes, we are having a physical experience. But it is not to be confused; as if we are physical beings who cannot see further than the physical realm, and who falsely believe they are from this world. Attached.

Yoga is the answer for ones who want the way out of here. Back to there. The true yoga. Union of soul with Spirit. It does not matter what shapes you can pose your body into, in order to enter the rumbling cave that opens the eye to the soul, to reunite with Spirit. Rather, a sincere and never-ending commitment, above any and all other desires. A straight back. Concentration. Devotion. No motion.

I hear the depth of the rumble in the silence. The rumble that comes from the cave of creation that fills my body with memory, the knowledge that it is simply waves in vibration held in place. Sustained, by the great force that sustains all things. I long to know this knower. This One who has no need for the world’s theatrics. Parlor tricks. He sees through the magician’s veil. All is well. He resides, deep inside. Here I sit, above all of it. Here I set my soul free. I came to the world’s table as a hungry peasant. But I will leave as a wealthy king.

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